I Love Running Shoes + How to Break in New Shoes

Before I get into how to break in new shoes, here’s a quick recap of today’s and yesterday’s workouts.


Yesterday: Did my Feel the Burn Ab Circuit and the following walking routine on the treadmill:

30 Min Incline Walking Routine

Today: Ran 4 miles at 34:35:39 (pace of 8:38) with random speed work thrown in. Feels good to sprint sometimes!

And guess what I ran in?

My new kicks!! (I love using that word.)


They’re the Asics Gel Excel33. Aren’t they wonderful? I’ve never had black shoes. I feel so trendy, assuming black shoes are a trend these days—I really have no idea. I basically live under a rock much of the time. They apparently run a little smaller, which I definitely noticed while trying them on. So, I went up half a size, and they seem to be fine (now part of the size 9 club…oh baby). On the shoes you will see some awesome swag.

I got 6 pairs of pink shoelaces to represent as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!


So, I’m basically set for life with shoelaces. As you can see above, I got a card with the laces that said, “Kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes.” I’m going to have to agree. Doesn’t hurt that they match my new shoes. :) Feels good to break in new shoes in style. Plus, Asics seem to have really short laces, and I’ll appreciate having a bit more lace for my bows.

My current running shoes are the  Saucony Progrid Ride 5.


I talked about them a little here when I first got them. I’ve liked them for the most part, but I knew I needed to get new shoes ASAP because…

1. I ALWAYS have blisters on my toes, and it’s becoming an uncomfortable and frustrating trend.

2. My feet have really been hurting lately.

I’ve been a bit concerned because my feet don’t usually hurt as much as they have been, so I’ve been very anxious about trying out a fresh pair of “kicks.” Injury is simply not an option at this point. I have less than 2 months before I run my first marathon, and I’d prefer no setbacks! Since my mileage keeps increasing with me running over 30 miles each week, I need good training shoes.

Asics has proved to be my friend in the past, so I figured I’d go back to them to see if they could make training more pleasant. Breaking them in by wearing them around has felt really good on my sore feet so far. Let’s hope that continues.

I’m really bad about breaking my shoes in because I just want to run in them right away. It’s kind of like when I make pizza—I can never wait for it to cool. I just suffer through the burning hot temperature because I’m excited. Mmm pizza… What was I talking about? Right, shoes.

Instead of getting blisters and sore feet from new shoes, I’m determined to break  these babies in the right way. In the past I didn’t even know how to “properly” break them in anyways. So, I figured maybe others might appreciate a little advice on the subject.

When you get a new pair of running shoes, make sure to do the following to break them in first:

  • Walk around in them for a few days. If you can wear them to work, go for it! The fastest way to break in new shoes is to wear them from the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you get back into bed at night. By doing so, you are breaking up the shoe insert, forming it to your foot shape, and allowing it to bend when you run. After walking a bit in them, you can think about running.
  • Slowly incorporate them into your running schedule. For example, if you run 5 days a week (like me), you could start out by wearing them during one of those runs and gradually increase. By running more and more in them every week, you can compare how they feel to your most recent shoes, testing if they’re helping or hurting you.
  • Pay attention to how your body feels. I’m not just talking about your feet here. Your shoes can affect your entire body because ill-fitting ones can throw off your alignment and make you sore in other areas you may not associate with a shoe fit. Whether your shoes are too small, rub you the wrong way, or make you change your stride to cope with pain, you may need try a different pair. Everyone has different feet and may need different types of shoes. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to learn that the hard way.

Now that I have new shoes, I’ve already noticed myself talking about them an excessive amount. I’m pretty thankful that Matt has the same interest of running as I do because he’s the one that hears my rambling. In addition to talking about running nonstop, now I will be professing my love for my new shoes all the time. He’s told me he enjoys  how I talk about running and such so much. What a weirdo. :)

As I continue my training and start to break in my new shoes (oh-so-shnazzy shoes might I add), I’m also logging my workouts on not 1, not 2, but 3 different sites. Logarun.com is for my own benefit (I like its features). Google Calendar is for your possible interest on My Workout Log page. And on the Meals & Moves blog I log for the possibility of winning prizes! Janetha has a great challenge and several giveaways for the month of December for anyone wanting to participate.

Dedicated December

In her Dedicated December challenge, you simply leave a comment on this post with what you did for your workout each day, and you’ll be entered to win a different prize for that week of December. The prizes include…

Week 1: Fitmixer aminos & blender bottle

Week 2: Mixed case of Larabars

Week 3: Gymboss interval timer

Week 4: Thermos cold hydration bottle

Grand prize: (the most workouts logged entire month) $25 gift card to Swanson Health Products

So, start logging your workouts for a chance to win some pretty sweet stuff!

What’s your favorite brand or type of running shoe?

Asics are my go-to, but I’m eager to try different brands like Brooks, for example, to see how they compare.

Have you ever won anything from a raffle or giveaway of some sort?

Unfortunately, nothing significant for me. I enter blog giveaways from time to time though. I’m a sucker for fitness gear.

What’s your workout for today?


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    I have the Saucony Grid Cohesion 5’s and those have worked out great. I got them half way in my training before my half marathon and had no problems breaking them in, amazingly. I can definitely see how a brand new stiff shoe would not be best to run in right away though. That’s too bad the Saucony’s didnt work out for you, but I love the look of the Asics. My running shoes are grey and pink and I so wish I could’ve gotten black instead. All my running gear is black/pink. Before these shoes, my favorite training shoes were Nikes, but for running they are no bueno for me. I’ve also never won anything from a giveaway yet. Once I won men’s cologne from SELF magazine though. So odd! My workout for today was an hour long Insanity video with Shaun T :)


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