My Favorite Things

IT HAPPENED. IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I went on a run, and it felt GOOD. I very rarely label a run as “good” – maybe “okay” or “not bad” but never “good.” The clouds hid the sun just enough, the breeze made it pleasantly cool, and the stars must have been aligned just right because I’ve forgotten how good running can feel. I completed 8 miles in 1:10:33 (average pace of 8:49). 80% of the run I felt like… Aaaaaand runs like these are the reason why I can’t ever stop. I’ve definitely needed a run like this for awhile because running has been a bit more blah than usual. 11 days until the half marathon! See below for my latest … Continue reading

Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin

Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin

Since Matt and I don’t live near our families, most holidays consist of us chillin’ like villains and making a bunch of food because we can. I went all out on Thanksgiving last year, and this past Sunday, we decided to cook up a little feast for ourselves again. We did the whole ham dealio because according to Matt, you have to have ham on Easter. I also made rolls and the recipe I’m sharing with you guys today. I found a recipe for potatoes au gratin and saw the potential to make it a wee bit healthier. I’m pretty excited to say it was a success! Ingredients: 1 Tbs butter2 Tbs flour3/4 c chicken broth1/2 c milk3/4 tsp salt1/4 … Continue reading

You Can Never Have Too Many Dresses + Training Update

maxi dresses

Although I can randomly be very girly, I kind of hate shopping. Dealing with horrible San Diego parking lots (or lack of), squeezing through crowds, not being able to find what you need – I just don’t find it to be the most enjoyable activity. However, lately, that has not been the case. In case you weren’t aware, Old Navy had a 30% off of everything sale this past weekend, and they have a bunch of new dresses. Therefore, I went to Old Navy…because I absolutely love dresses…and sales (even though if you buy enough, the whole “sale” idea doesn’t make a difference). Since I have a bunch of friends’ weddings coming up, I justified the purchase of a couple … Continue reading

My Job as a Writer

My Workspace

A lot of the time, I find it strange to tell people details about my life because I often wonder, “Who even cares?” But personally, I find it fascinating to read about people’s lives. Creepy? Definitely. I actually attended a social event for local PR professionals last night, and it was fun to talk about my job, as well as this blog. I’ve always been especially vague when it comes to my job on here, and while I will continue to keep specifics of it to myself for privacy reasons, I figured I’d share a little bit about what I actually do for a living. I love learning about people’s jobs and what they’re passionate about. Since you people hear … Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things


As horrible as morning workouts are, I’m really missing them these days. I wrote a post awhile back about motivation to workout in the morning, and two months later I got a full-time job (yay!) and wasn’t able to workout until later in the day (womp womp). Although it’s hard to get up early to go for a run…and I often start out looking like this: It’s sooo worth it compared to running when it’s super hot outside (aka what it’s like when I get home from work). Although I don’t have enough daylight/time to fit in a run before work anymore, I discovered a way to have a similar weather experience: If I time it just right, and put … Continue reading

Healthy Lunch Idea: Quinoa Protein Bowl

Quinoa Protein Bowl

I’ve been planning to share this recipe for like 3 months now. I usually just throw this dish together for a quick lunch to bring to work, not really measuring the ingredients. Well last night, I finally jotted down some measurements so I can share the actual recipe! Once upon a time, I wanted a healthy lunch, so I threw together a bunch of ingredients that I thought went well together. Then I threw a bunch of random seasonings together… Mixed it all together and topped it with cheese, avocado, and hot sauce (because those 3 ingredients are a heavenly trio)… And BAM! I had a healthy, delicious lunch in front of me. Whenever I actually think ahead for packing my lunch, and … Continue reading

The Emotions I Go Through on a Long Run


It’s getting so close! 19 more days until our half marathon! To be honest, I cannot WAIT to be done with training. The shorter runs are all fine and dandy, but these long runs I’ve been doing on Sundays have been a tad bit difficult. I usually don’t do more than 4 miles for “fun,” so spending so much time on long runs has been making me crazy. I’ve never actually realized how insane I get until recently. Since I’m apparently now sharing all the things I’m not proud of when it comes to running — cough* my running form *cough — I figured I would give a quick look inside what I think on long runs. Recently, I’ve realized … Continue reading

I Have the Worst Running Form in the World

The Worst Running Form in the World

I’m convinced I have the worst running form of all time. The few pictures I have featured on GMHO of me running have been carefully selected to not expose my hideous form. The worst part? I have never realized that I look ridiculous when I run until I saw the pictures of me running my marathon. It’s embarrassing to think of how much I have run in the past and how many people have witnessed the wretched sight. Since I have become a consistent runner over the past three years, I’ve grown to feel comfortable in my terrible form, which I am not okay with anymore. This is how I run: Wrists bent. Fingers making some sort of accidental gang … Continue reading

My Favorite Things + 4-Mile Run with Light Intervals


It has been crazy hot here in San Diego lately, and this girl is not enjoying it. Sure, it’s great if you’re sitting on the beach, but during my scheduled 6-mile run last night, I was not feeling it. Honestly, I’d rather run in 30 degrees than 80 degrees. Maybe it’s just me, but that whole “heat exhaustion” feeling is not the most comfortable. Bleh! As a result of the weather, I only completed 3 miles and had to call it a day. It was a bit disappointing, but I just couldn’t do it. All of my half marathon training runs have been outside so far, except for one. It might be my last one for awhile, too, since running more than 3 … Continue reading

Dear Processed Foods,

eating healthier

I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re scum between my toes. Love, Alfalfa Katie I go through spurts of eating healthy and then eating absolutely horribly. Lately? The latter. Frozen pizzas, Velveeta grilled cheese, condensed soups, cookies…it’s been bad. I don’t think it’s a big deal to have these things occasionally, but I’ve lost sight of what the word “moderation” means. I realized on both Thursday and Friday last week that I had absolutely no fruits or vegetables. I can usually fit in a few fruits to my day pretty easily, but vegetables are definitely much more difficult (my father would be so disappointed). After realizing how horribly I’ve been eating lately, I immediately starting craving some … Continue reading