My Favorite Things + Pushups & Pullups Workout


Some of the best workouts are the ones that don’t require any equipment. You can do them at home or even while traveling. Today’s workout is not one of those. If you’ve got the exercise equipment, then you might as well use it. After my P90X experience, I was left with some upper body definition that I am quite proud of. To not lose the progress I made, I figured I should create a workout that emphasized pull ups. I usually avoid making workouts that use equipment that most people probably don’t have, but I figured having one good workout on hand would help keep my strength up. I can’t do many pull ups, even with a chair for assistance. … Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Funfetti Cookies

Funfetti Cookies with Greek Yogurt

Fact: Mondays aren’t very fun. You go back to work and longingly say goodbye to the weekend. Womp womp. Well to spice up your Monday morning a teensy bit, I’m sharing a colorful cookie recipe today. Awhile ago, I found a funfetti cookie recipe that was absolutely delicious. I’m more used to buying a box of funfetti cake mix and making it into cookies (one of the greatest things I learned in college…ish). Ever since I made them from scratch, though, there’s no turning back. Unfortunately, like most cookie recipes, the funfetti cookie recipe just seemed super unhealthy. While cookies are obviously not the most nutritious food, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them a wee bit less sinful. Enter Greek yogurt. … Continue reading

Well This Is Going to Be Embarrassing…


So Matt and I signed up for a 5k that’s in a few weeks… We even got some his and hers coconut bras and grass skirts for it… The Aloha Run is a 5k run/walk that comes here to San Diego and features Polynesian music, drummers, hula dancers, and some surf-themed bands. Matt knows some people who signed up for it, so we followed suit and spontaneously registered last week. That makes two 5k’s in two months for me: first the Aloha Run, then the The Color Run! The plan is to wear the above mentioned Party City purchases to the Aloha Run over our normal running clothes. I’ve never dressed up so much for a race before, so this … Continue reading

My Favorite Things + Get Ripped Ab Circuit


Even though I got sick of doing the same ab workout three days a week for 10 weeks of P90X, I also liked how good of a workout it was. To mimic the awesomeness that is Ab Ripper X, I created the below ab circuit. It takes about 10 minutes to go through twice, and my core always burns so good throughout the whole thing. The only exercises I haven’t featured in a workout on this blog yet are the Modified V-ups and Oblique V-ups (click each to view a video demonstration). For any exercises you aren’t familiar with, check out my exercise guide page for more examples! Now, I would like to share something really exciting that happened yesterday … Continue reading

6 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before P90X


Good news and bad news for you this morning. The bad news: This is the billionth post dedicated to P90X The good news: This is probably the last post dedicated to P90X I’ve felt so annoying for the past three months talking about our journey doing P90X, but it kind of guided all my choices for healthy living for awhile, so it’s what I had to talk about. Even though we’ve been done for about two weeks now, I wanted to write one last post about it. When we first started P90X, we had no idea what to expect. We knew the workouts were an hour to an hour and a half long, and that was intimidating. We knew that … Continue reading

Using a Theme to Make Salads Less Boring


Sometimes salads just really suck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought a salad to work, and when the lunch hour rolls around, pretty much anything sounds better. Why? Because salads are extremely boring sometimes. I don’t know about you, but my main problem is that I make the same type of salads all the time. I run out of ideas to make them exciting, causing me to hate salads. As a result, I rarely eat them, even though they can make for such a healthy lunch. Then I had an epiphany: Why not make salads based on themes? This is pretty much how I got over my super boring workout playlist problem. Instead of coming up with … Continue reading

My Favorite Things + Upper Body Dumbbell Circuit


Now that P90X is over, I have the freedom to do whatever my heart desires for workouts. Not sure if I like this freedom yet. I spent awhile putting together an arm/back circuit and a core circuit last night, so now it’s time to share the goods! As we did the P90X workouts, I made note of exercises I really liked so I could create my own workouts for the future. Well the following bicep/tricep/shoulder/back workout circuit uses some of my favorite arm exercises: Some exercises that are new to this blog, including upright rows, two-angle shoulder flys, and fly row press. Click on the name for a link to a video demonstrating how to perform them. For any others … Continue reading

Final P90X Results

p90x results

After three months and 78 workouts, we’re finally done with P90X! It has been a long journey, but I’m pretty darn excited to have completed the whole thing. Towards the end, I definitely subbed some runs and elliptical workouts in place of a few P90X workouts (i.e. Kenpo and Plyometrics), but for the most part, I followed the schedule. I’d like to give a shout out to my main man for being my workout buddy for the past 13 weeks. Making fun of ourselves, complaining together, and pushing each other made the adventure 10x more enjoyable. We started the system on May 12th and finished yesterday, August 9th. I traveled home to Illinois a few different times in the middle, … Continue reading

My Two-Year Blogaversary

2nd blogaversary

As of today, I have officially been blogging at Gettin’ My Healthy On for two years! I had no idea if this little blog would even make it past a couple months, but somehow I just keep on keepin’ on. I know if I stopped blogging, I’d have withdrawals because I always think of topics I want to write about. Whether people actually read the end result is not important right now… Last year, in my one-year blogging anniversary post, I talked about a lot of numbers because it’s just an easy way to gauge progress. I figured I would continue with that today to see how far I’ve come within this past year: Social Media Totals 241 Facebook likes … Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things + Wedding Recap

stripper ken cake

This past weekend was filled with lots of wedding festivities. I threw a pretty low-key bachelorette party that included dinner out… And some girly fun back in the hotel room. (I made a stripper ken cake to spice things up a little bit – “Andrea’s last fling before the ring.”) Side note: a pack of mustaches from the dollar store is much more entertaining than you would think. Then came the wedding, which was absolutely wonderful, and the bride looked gorgeous in her lace and pearls. Then came the reception. Once I gave my maid of honor speech, it was all smooth sailing from there. I was able to catch up with some friends and get my dance on. It … Continue reading