Easy, Yeast-Free Pizza Crust

Yeast Free Pizza Crust

I have a recipe to share with you that has been a long time coming. Every Sunday evening, Matt and I have pizza for dinner. I’m not too thrilled about eating frozen pizzas all the time, though, so I often make my own homemade version to have more control over the ingredients. There’s one thing though: I don’t always want to spend forever making pizza every Sunday. I’ve made pizza crusts with yeast, and they’re all fine and dandy. However, it takes time to wait for the yeast to rise and to knead dough and so on and so forth. That is why I have turned to baking powder for its rising power. I found a recipe a long time ago … Continue reading

Vega Sport Protein Bar Review


Good morning and happy Friday!!! I’m here to talk about food today – so rare for this blog, I know. I was selected through a Sweat Pink campaign to review a Vega Sport product – more specifically, the Vega Sport Protein Bar. Although protein and energy bars aren’t usually found in my kitchen, having these around have been quite the treat. They remind me of candy bars because they’re so delicious, but they’re actually full of clean, plant-based protein. I’ve been having issues not eating them all the time. The whole point is to eat them after an intense workout to aid in recovery, so I’m trying to stick to that idea. Here are some more details about the protein … Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things


I have two orders of business today. 1. Congrats to David who won my Popchips giveaway! Thank you to all who participated. 2. I’m 25! This week is my birthday week – that’s right, I’m going to claim the whole week. Last week, since one of my coworkers was leaving for her honeymoon asap, I came into my office just to find streamers all over. Then yesterday, they brought in extra chocolatey baked goods because they know me. (Don’t tell Tony Horton.) Matt started out my birthday week making me a delicious dinner while we just laid low. The real plans are this weekend, and I cannot wait. We have a fun adventure planned, so hopefully I’ll have lots to … Continue reading

Wedding at a Vineyard & I Signed Up for a New Race!!


Matt and I had the honor of spending our Saturday evening at my coworker’s wedding. It was the second wedding I’ve been to here in San Diego, and I must say…it was just as amazing as the first, which was by the bay overlooking downtown. This one was overlooking a beautiful vineyard and mountains. So many beautiful sites in this area. I feel guilty on weekends when we just stay in because there is so much to see! But what can I say, I like being a lazy bum once in awhile. I’ve also decided weddings are my favorite. They’re such a fun and happy time; plus, they’re an excuse to get dressed up and bust a move on the … Continue reading

A Bunch of Protein-Packed Snack Ideas


When we first started P90X 2 1/2 months ago, I was determined to keep a clean diet that loosely followed each phase of the program. I usually eat pretty healthy meals, with some bad stuff here and there and everywhere, but something I’ve noticed that has really changed with my diet is snacking. Before, I would tend to gravitate towards carb-rich foods that didn’t keep me full for very long, which kind of defeats the whole point of snacking for me. To lower my delicious, somewhat high, intake of empty carbs everyday, I started packing snacks that were full of protein. Once I started packing snacks that actually kept me full, everything changed. Plus, I just felt healthier because the … Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things


I have picked up a horrible, horrible habit. Several times over the past two weeks, I haven’t started working out until after 8pm. That leaves me with going to bed within a half hour of working out. No bueno. (Though I’m usually dead, so I have no problem passing out.) Because of various reasons, I’ve been putting off my daily P90X workouts, and it has felt absolutely terrible. The more time that passes in the night, the less motivated I get to work out at all. All I can say is…yay for having a built-in accountability partner from doing the program with Matt! I typically prefer working out in the morning, but that isn’t always ideal since I need to … Continue reading

Turkey Ranch Enchiladas

Turkey Ranch Enchiladas

Happy Monday morning! I have a recipe to share with you guys today that is centered around what some might call the best condiment/dipping sauce/dressing ever: ranch. It’s a bit concerning how good ranch is on such a wide variety of foods — chicken, fries, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and so on. I’ve been experimenting with a new use for the dressing recently, and I’m pretty excited how it turned out. Combining ranch with a Mexican-inspired dish was definitely a new concept to me, but it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. I found a recipe for this and tweaked it quite a bit to make it more to my liking (and a wee bit healthier). Hope you find … Continue reading

Popchips Giveaway! {Closed}

Popchips Giveaway, healthy snack, healthy chips

I’ve got something real special for you guys today. Popchips – if you have not tasted the delicious, healthier chip alternative, then I declare it time to do so. I’m not usually a big fan of chips, which I’m actually very okay with, but I have a few exceptions – Popchips being one of them. If I had my way, our cabinet would be fully stocked with every Popchips variety all the time. Unfortunately, that is not the case. HOWEVER, you can live that dream…at least for a little while. More details after I throw some information at you. Popchips… Has introduced their new, larger bags that hold 15% more of the good stuff, which could be the extra push … Continue reading

My Favorite Things + Super Sweaty Elliptical Workout


Matt and I have been suffering from some first world problems lately. Our cable has gone kaput, so we’re waiting on a cable guy to solve all our problems in life later today…or at least fix our cable. Last night, I put off my workout until about 8pm. I changed into my workout clothes at approximately 4:30pm, but didn’t get around to actually working out until later. Realizing I could watch TV in the workout room was the extra push I needed to finally make it happen. Since I had eaten within a few hours of this sweat session, I opted for the elliptical (to replace the scheduled P90X Plyometric workout). Unfortunately, the only elliptical left was the uber squeaky … Continue reading

Damage Control After Horrible Holiday Eating + Interval Bike Workout


Good morning! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July! We spent ours at a BBQ and saw some San Diego fireworks for the first time. (It was my third time here for the 4th, so I was determined to finally see some fireworks.) It was a gorgeous evening, and I’m now in recovery mode. This past weekend was interesting because: I ate so much horrible, absolutely delicious food on Friday. I knew we had our 2nd after pictures for P90X on Sunday. Just for the record, I definitely don’t regret indulging in the pulled pork sandwich, hot dogs, many desserts, or beer that I had on the 4th. Sometimes, you just need to embrace a holiday and enjoy all … Continue reading