Gel Clings, Lean Legs, & a Free Box

‘Tis the first full week of December! Who has their trees up? I put up a few decorations (who else loves window gel clings?)…


and my father put up his little pre-lit tree, so it’s starting to feel a bit Christmassy up in hurrrrr. I approve.


The 60-degree weather today I also approve of.


9 miles at 1:23 – aka 9:13 pace. I’ll take it. It was cloudy, a little windy, and weirdly warm. Now the sun is out—dodged that bullet! I’m not a fan of running in the sun. I’m really picky, I know.

I really only mention my running on this blog, but I did a circuit workout this past weekend and think it’s worth sharing.

I wanted do a leg workout on Saturday but couldn’t find one on my Pinterest Workout board that I liked, so I made my own! It’s pretty simple, but it’s exactly what I wanted.

Lean Legs Circuit

The circuit workout took me about 20 minutes to do two times through. I thought about using weights, but my body weight was definitely enough. If you want to make it even more challenging though, holding some weights would do the trick.

The Side Lunges w/ Leg Lift is newer to me, but I really like it. For any move you don’t know, check out the Exercise Guide. The workout didn’t seem insane or anything, but afterwards my legs were definitely wobbly. Sunday was my rest day, and it was a sore one, which is my favorite kind—makes me feel like the rest is justified.

If I just had some compression sleeves like I mentioned on My Fitness Christmas List, maybe I could recover faster and not be so sore! Oh well. I guess I can deal with the aftermath of a good workout. :)

Something that wasn’t on my Christmas List but is worth mentioning is the Bulu Box. As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I have a discount code for my readers and me to get a free one!


What the heck is a Bulu Box, you ask?

“A monthly subscription to Bulu Box, at just $10 a month, gets you 4-5 premium vitamin and supplement samples delivered to your door. The beauty of this is that you can try the sample size of each supplement, and then decide if they are worth buying a full size. The other side is that you also discover what doesn’t work for your body, preventing you from wasting money on those full size products that aren’t meant for you!”

For a free Bulu Box, use the discount code Fit411. I already signed up for my free first box to see what this is all about. I don’t take any supplements besides a daily multivitamin but feel like I should, so maybe I’ll find something I like in zee box. If you’re curious but don’t want to commit, I’ll share what’s in my Bulu Box once I get it, and you can decide if it’s worth getting for free (anything free is worth it, in my opinion…)

Now that you understand why this post has such a strange title, I’m out! Hope you’re all having a great start to the week so far!



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